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What Do You Do With The Things You Purge During Spring Cleaning?

Spring is finally just around the corner, and with spring comes spring cleaning! Some people dread the thought of digging through all of their drawers and cabinets and cleaning areas of the house that are usually unseen. But, this is something that must be done to maintain a clean and healthy home. Here, you will get a few tips that can help you get rid of the things that are cluttering up your home.

Prepare Before Cleaning

Before you begin tearing into your house, do a little pre-cleaning preparation. Stop and think about how long it has been since you have really dug into your home and eliminated the trash or unused items scattered throughout. If you have not recently purged, you probably want to rent a dumpster for your spring cleaning frenzy. Having a dumpster to toss all of your trash in will help you stay motivated and prevent further cluttering up your home. TCM Sweeping and Disposal is a company that offers dumpster rentals.

Reuse and Recycling

Your goal during the big spring cleaning is to get your home as clean and clutter free as possible, but that doesn't mean that you have to throw everything you don't use or want in the trash. There are many things that should be recycled. You probably have a good idea of what you have around the house that you want to get rid of. Find a corner to store these items, or maybe rent a portable storage box to keep on your property while you clean.

After you have everything that could be recycled or reused, you can begin searching for the recycling or donation centers in the area that would be interested in what you have. Another way to get rid of these things is to offer them through online classified ads. There are many people looking for other people's "trash" that they can reuse to create new and interesting things. What you consider to be trash could very well be another person's treasure.

Contact the Veterans

Many areas have a veteran's club or association that is always looking for donations of clothing and housewares. Oftentimes, they will come to your home and pick up the boxes of things that you do not want and distribute them to veterans and their families.

Having a plan for what you are going to do with the things you eliminate from your home will make the process much easier. If you failed to plan, you could find that everything you want to eliminate from your home ends up in another corner until next year when the process begins once again.

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