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5 Tips To Keep Your Steel Casters Rolling Smoothly

To make it easy to transport heavy equipment and items throughout your industrial building, you might rely on steel casters. Steel casters can be a lifesaver in any industrial setting, but they can also be a major disappointment if they stop rolling correctly. If you purchase the right casters in the beginning and ensure that they are installed correctly, you can typically enjoy them for quite some time. However, there are a few care tips that you should follow if you want to keep your steel casters rolling smoothly in the long term. Read More 

Fiber Optic Tools: How You Can Use Fiber Optic Line For A School Science Project

Most fiber optic tools perform one of three functions; cutting, stripping and checking. If you have never played around with fiber optic strands, bundles or cables before, you can now try out and test fiber optics for your child's science experiment. (Just be warned that the tools might cost you a little, but your child will definitely do well a his or her science fair.) Here are the supplies and tools you will need for your child to demonstrate how fiber optics work. Read More 

How Can You Keep Your Well From Running Dry This Summer?

If you live on the lower West Coast and own a well, you're likely concerned about your ability to keep water flowing to your home without permanently compromising your well or requiring pump replacement. Is there anything you can do to keep your well pumping and in good condition? What can you do to reduce your home's water consumption? Read on to learn more about preserving your well during severe drought conditions. Read More 

3 Excellent Benefits Of Renting Cleaning Equipment

You can't half step when it comes to acquiring the best cleaning equipment possible. In this regard, you always have the option of seeking cleaning equipment rentals that can provide for you. If you have never considered this option before, and want to learn some of the advantages of going this route, read the points below.  You Won't Have To Handle The Maintenance Tasks Not being responsible for maintaining cleaning equipment with a rental saves you more money than you might think. Read More 

How To Install And Maintain Your Stainless Steel Hoses To Keep Them Working Right

Around the house or in commercial environments, stainless steel hoses are commonly used to make connections in plumbing applications, including: Water Heaters Boilers Toilets Sinks Washing Machines Using stainless steel instead of rubber offers increased durability so they will last longer without failure. But if you do not install them properly or care for them right, stainless steel hoses can fail. Here's how to treat your stainless steel hoses right so they last 5 years or longer. Read More 

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