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3 Ways To Prevent Steel Corrosion

Steel corrosion is frustrating because it can undermine the structural integrity of your building and require frequent repairs. One of easiest ways to prevent this frustration is to protect the steel in the first place or apply protection after the fact. There are three different methods that you can use in order to make sure that your steel stays rust-free and strong.

1. Zinc Coatings

Zinc coatings can be applied to steel in order to make sure that the corrosive effects of water and other problematic fluids do not occur. When zinc is applied to steel, this is known as the process of galvanization. Galvanization is best used on steel objects that are small enough to be dipped into a vessel that is filled with zinc that has been heated so that it is a liquid.

It is impractical to attempt to apply the process of galvanization to steel that is already being used in a structure and it cannot be used on any steel that will need to be welded or have heat applied to it for building purposes. This is because the heat will reduce how effective the zinc coating is.

2. Use Protective Paints

This is the easiest method of protecting steel, especially in the case of steel that is already being used in a structure. First, find paint that has a small amount of zinc in it, as well as a plastics that will keep water out. This paint can be purchased from hardware stores and will usually be labeled in order to make sure that you know it will be able to coat steel.

Then, using a paintbrush, apply the paint to the steel. Apply several layers, allowing each layer to dry before the next one is applied. Having at least three layers will allow you ensure that the steel is completely sealed against corrosive materials. If, after a few strokes, the paint seems as though it is not adhering to the steel, stop and clean off the steel.

3. Add Zinc Anodes

This is best used for steel objects that are being submerged in water on a regular basis. Zinc anodes are added to the paint in order to increase its protective properties and ensure that steel structures are not damaged even though they are in the water. This form of protection can be applied after the steel has started to be used.

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