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New To Power Tools? Always Follow These Safety Tips

If you're brand new to the world of tackling home projects by yourself, you may have never picked up a power tool until this moment. If so, you might be a little afraid to admit that you have never used contractor tools before. Fear not, you don't have to be the next Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor to take on some do-it-yourself projects around the house. This guide explains some safety tips so you won't be paying visits to the emergency room.

Wear Goggles

Whether you're using a power saw or an electric sander, wear goggles to protect your eyes. Even the most experienced contractors wear eye protection. Metal shards, bits of wooden shavings, sawdust and other tiny items sometimes fly about and can land in your eyes if you are not careful.

Wear Ear Protection

Not all power tools are going to require the use of earplugs to protect your hearing. However, there are some that can become so loud that you may do some damage to your ears if you don't. Some power tools that you should wear earplugs with include:

  • circular saw
  • tile saw
  • belt sander

Read The Instructions And Use The Proper Tool

Always read the instructions carefully before starting up a power tool. It is important that you understand exactly how to use the tool you need. It is also extremely important that you use the right tool for the job. For example, if you need to cut tile, a circular saw could not only do irreparable damage to the tile pieces, but also create severe burns on your skin. This type of job requires a specialized tile cutter that you can cool down with water as you are using it.

Carry The Tools Properly

Power tools do not always come with instructions on how to move the tools from one place to another. Never carry a power tool by its cord. Look for the handle that should be in a safe spot to pick up the tool. Additionally, if you are using an electric power tool versus a battery operated one, make sure that the unit is unplugged before you move it to prevent accidental triggering of the on-off switch.

Ask a contractor for recommendations on the right power tools you need to perform whatever project you are taking on. Additionally, ask for any tips and tricks that they might have to help make the job safer, faster and more efficient. For more information, contact a company like CL Presser Company.

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