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Different Ways To Protect Your Employees From A Fire

Your company needs adequate measures to protect employees from a potential fire. Luckily, you have several options that allow you to accomplish this goal. It is best to look into maintaining your current systems and installing new systems to help eliminate the threat of a fire in your company's building.

Maintain Sprinkler System

Your first addition should be to maintain the sprinkler system. Most sprinklers will generally turn on once the air in that portion of your building reaches a temperature of around 135–165 degrees Fahrenheit.

To maintain your system, you need to make sure that your sprinkler system will turn on rapidly. With a rapid system, the sprinkler heads have liquid inside capsules, which expands at a specific temperature. After a liquid expands, the capsule breaks, which makes water come out of the sprinkler.

The liquid inside the sprinkler heads of an older system may deteriorate over time. You need to have each one checked to prevent the system from malfunctioning. If an issue is found, you need to replace them immediately.

Additionally, you want to verify that any new sprinkler heads are pointed correctly. The path of the water should go down and to the sides, so that it is easier for the water to extinguish a fire.

When the sprinkler system sprays water in the correct position, your building becomes safer for your employees. The system also reduces the likelihood of the fire spreading to another location in your building.

Consider Installing an Air Removal System

You do have another option for protecting people from a fire such as installing an air removal system. The idea is to take away one fuel source from a fire, which is air. This option is best suited for a single room, since it seals the room and then removes the oxygen from the space, thus extinguishing the fire.

Hospitals and laboratories will use this system to prevent a fire from getting worse when one area houses different types of chemicals. Other companies use this option in large computer server rooms to help stop a fire from damaging their system.

This system does have a safety feature that prevents people from being locked in the room when the air is removed. With most model types, the system has an emergency button on the inside and outside of the room. This button allows people to get out of the room after the system has been activated.

Before you upgrade your company's fire suppression system, it is a good idea to look into several options. By taking the opportunity to look into these areas, you can determine which ones need to be upgraded and which systems you may want to replace completely. Talk to a professional like Desert Fire Extinguisher Co Inc.

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