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4 Situations To Use A Scissor Lift Instead Of A Ladder

If you are a new contractor and you have just landed a larger remodeling project, take the steps needed to use the right tools to get the projects done swiftly and professionally. Instead of using a ladder for jobs with excessive height, a scissor lift is better choice. A scissor lift is a motorized unit that has a control panel installed near the area where you stand. This panel allows you to guide the machinery into areas where a ladder is not long enough to reach, giving you more freedom to use your hands to tend to the job being done. Here are some of the instances where renting a scissor lift to do the job would be better than using a ladder.

Changing Lighting

If you need to swap out light fixtures along rooftop areas, a scissor lift might make better sense over a ladder. You need both hands to remove and replace the current lighting, as well as an area to set the fixture upon while you are preparing the area. If you tried to use a ladder, there is a risk of dropping glass components, possibly injuring someone below. A scissor lift allows you to replace the lights without worry.

Painting Or Staining

Changing the exterior color of a home or business is difficult when there are tall portions that need intricate work done to apply paint or stain. If you are working on a taller building, a scissor lift helps you keep your footing while reaching for higher areas of the alcoves.

In order to apply paint around windows or if the customer wants detailed work done, you will need to concentrate on adding color carefully using a paintbrush instead of a sprayer. A scissor lift gives you the leverage needed to take on the added stress of fine detailing by giving you an area to rest your tools and colors while you do the work.

Cement Repair

If you need to work with quick-drying cement, having a scissor lift available will help you prepare the mixture for application. Doing this from the top of a ladder is a bit difficult as the cement needs to be applied right away. You need two hands to prepare the cement, and by the time you get to the top of the ladder, it may already be starting to harden.

Window Replacement

When changing windows, using a scissor lift can help bring large pieces of glass to the level they are needed without juggling them on a flimsy ladder. The old windows can be set down and you can place the new ones without needing to walk up and down the ladder in between, saving you time and less chance of broken glass.

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