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3 Excellent Benefits Of Renting Cleaning Equipment

You can't half step when it comes to acquiring the best cleaning equipment possible. In this regard, you always have the option of seeking cleaning equipment rentals that can provide for you. If you have never considered this option before, and want to learn some of the advantages of going this route, read the points below. 

You Won't Have To Handle The Maintenance Tasks

Not being responsible for maintaining cleaning equipment with a rental saves you more money than you might think. For instance, a floor buffer only costs about $35 to $60 each day, while the cleaning equipment rental company pays upwards of $7,000 to acquire the machine, and then routinely pays as much as $25 for every gallon of stripper and $50 for a gallon bottle of floor wax. This doesn't even account for the cost of tune ups, pad changes and other routine maintenance. Since you're not responsible for maintenance with a rental, it frees up time and energy that lets you take advantage of the finest equipment, with none of the responsibility. From a professional standpoint, the care of the rental equipment will also tell you a lot about the credibility of the rental company you are doing business with. 

You Will Enjoy Significant Cost Savings

Since the alternative to renting your cleaning equipment is to buy it, you can bank on saving plenty of money when you rent. For instance, a scissor lift will cost you about $15,000, while it'll be about $600 to rent for a month. This might be more worth your while to rent, depending on the timetable of your project. Whether you are using this equipment to clean your own warehouse or to provide cleaning service to clients in other industries, this cost saving is passed along and allows you to spend money wisely. These cost benefits allow you to use money in other avenues of your business, so that there is little waste in your operation. 

You Get Access To New, High Quality Equipment

In the same way that rental car businesses rely on new vehicles with low miles, rather than old vehicles that have been through the wringer, you can expect new cleaning equipment when you go with a rental company. This means that you'll get the best performance while having to use this least effort, since this equipment is new and up to date with technological advancements. You also decrease the likelihood of the equipment breaking down on you in the middle of a project. 

Since you get to enjoy these three benefits, reach out to a cleaning equipment rental company that can assist you. 

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