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Avoiding Common Mistakes With Air Compressor Maintenance

It's common for people to make certain mistakes when trying to maintain their air compressor over the long term. Here are some examples of these mistakes including what you can do differently to avoid falling into the same holes.

Forgetting to Clean Out Intake Vents

The more you use your intake vent, the more you're going to put pressure on it. If you don't clean it out periodically, you could lose functionality in this vent as detritus from the air builds up in it. This is especially the case if you're working in an environment such in a sandy area outside or in a particularly dusty basement. All of that stuff in the air will end up in your tank.

Ignoring Compressor Oil

Those who use compressors making use of oil often forget to check it and this can cause damage to the machine. You should be checking it at least once per day to make sure the oil level is right at the top. If it's not, you should add some more into it. It's a good idea to not go more than 1000 hours without doing a full oil change.

Failing to Dehydrate Tanks

Moisture in your air tanks is always going to be trouble. But it's going to happen with your compressor over time because condensation occurs when air is compressed. The receiver tank therefore needs to be drained periodically. Usually, there will be a valve available for the purpose in most situations. Some people also forget to get rid of the air before getting rid of the moisture in the tank, and this can lead to complications as well.

Not Changing Air Filters

Air filters are also going to get clogged as time progresses and you continue to use your air compressor. Those who don't continually clean out air filters will end up with an even worse situation in their tank much faster than what happens otherwise. It's good to check the filter after every use to see if it needs to be cleaned out. If the filter looks particularly filthy, or if you've been using it regularly for 6 months, then you should get a new one entirely.

Overall, you can end up with an air compressor that functions well past its expected life if you just take care of the maintenance properly. Many air compressors break down solely due to people being negligent with them. For more tips, visit websites like

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