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3 Useful Tips When Maintaining Commercial Boilers

If your commercial property relies on industrial boilers for heat-related purposes, you need to maintain them properly. Otherwise, you'll have to deal with costly repairs on a regular basis. A good maintenance protocol for these commercial boilers should involve the following steps. 

Replace Damaged Vent Connections 

For gases produced by these machines to spread throughout your building, the vent connections need to be in tact. If they aren't and significant damage is present, your commercial boilers will work harder than normal. They may then be put through a lot of wear and tear.

To prevent this premature damage from occurring, make it a priority to inspect these vent connections every couple of months. If they have holes or significant tears, you'll need to have them replaced entirely. It's recommended to have this job executed by an installation company to ensure these parts are set up quickly and safely. 

Inspect the Radiator 

The radiator plays the important role of helping your boiler heat up water. However, when it stops working an an optimal rate, your boiler has to work harder. This will not only cause it to overheat, it could lead to costly damage.

A clear indication that the radiator is malfunctioning is if it doesn't get as hot as it used to. This usually means air has leaked into the system. The solution to this problem is simple: bleed your radiator until any air present is removed. This step can be performed without professional assistance and won't take very long. 

Have Boiler Serviced Professionally 

Even if you have a lot of experience dealing with commercial boilers, it's always best to have this equipment serviced professionally at least once a year. Technicians with specialized equipment and knowledge can conduct further assessments to ensure your boiler equipment is in tact and operating at an optimal rate.

If any red flags are identified during these in-depth inspections, you'll receive a full report. You'll then know what needs to be repaired or replaced as well as know how much to budget for. These experienced boiler technicians can also provide further maintenance tips so that you can avoid costly complications later down the road.

Fixing commercial boilers on a regular basis would cost your company a fortune. That is why it's so important to take the right maintenance steps consistently, even if that means hiring professionals and spending some money from time to time. Contact a boiler manufacturer for help with the above tips or additional questions. 

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