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Create A Garden Using Plastic Pails

Have you always wanted your own garden but you don't have a ton of room in your backyard? Perhaps you just don't want to tear up the soil or you want to leave more room for your children to play? Whatever the reason, you should know that it's still possible to grow a garden as long as you have some large plastic pails. You can grow a wide variety of plants right inside a 5-gallon or larger plastic bucket. Here's what you need to know to get started.

Buy New Pails

First things first, you will want brand-new plastic buckets from a plastic pail supplier before you begin your project. That's because your old bucket in the garage is likely dirty and has come into contact with chemicals and other junk over the years. Even a tiny bit of lingering residue could infect the soil and harm your growing plant. Instead, reach out to a plastic pail vendor and purchase some new buckets. You will need one bucket for each new plant that you decide to grow.

Grow the Right Stuff

So what exactly are you going to grow in your impromptu bucket garden? Well, it can help to pick plants that stay mostly compact as they grow. You don't want the roots to get too crowded down towards the bottom of the bucket. Certain varieties of cucumbers, tomatoes, and beans might be a good start.

Don't Forget to Drain

In order for your new bucket garden to work properly, you will need to water your plants on a regular basis. But won't all of that water eventually make its way to the top? Sure, the soil will absorb some of it, but what about the excess? That's why you should turn your buckets over and drill three or four small holes in the bottom of the buckets. This will allow excess water that makes its way to the bottom of the pail to escape instead of lingering in the bucket. Just be mindful of the holes if you ever need to lift your bucket and move it a long distance across your property.

Add the Soil and Begin Planting

The exact type of soil or compost you add to the bucket will depend on what you are growing. After you figure out the formula, go ahead and fill the bucket but not all the way to the top. Leave about one to two inches of space below the lip of the pail. Then you can begin planting seeds like you would in a traditional garden.

Talk to a plastic pail supplier today to get started.

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