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Safety Tips For Property Owners Getting Involved In Water Well Drilling

If there is ample water underground on your property, you might think about having a water well drilled. Then you'll have a water source that you can rely on for the foreseeable future. If you plan on getting involved in the drilling of said well, here are some safety tips to stay cognizant of.

Stay Aware of Drilling Rig  

Perhaps the most important machinery used for water well drilling is the rig that performs the drilling. It is big and powerful so make sure you stay mindful of it the entire time you're around a drilling work site.

Even if you're not operating the drilling rig directly, you still need to see where it travels and keep lines of communication open with operators navigating this machinery around. Also, use your eyes and ears the entire time a drilling rig is operational around your property. 

Avoid Hitting Septic Systems

Before a drilling rig starts penetrating the ground where your water well is going, make sure there aren't any septic systems nearby. If the rig accidentally penetrated one and this wasn't identified until later, your water source could get contaminated and thus cause sickness if you drink water from the well.

For this reason, always map out utilities before getting started with water well drilling. A local utilities company can help with this too because they should have surveys that show exactly where septic systems are located on your property. You can then make a note of these systems and refine your drilling methods even further.

Lift Water Well Components Using the Proper Techniques

Once you've reached deep enough for a fully functional water well, you may be ready to get some of the well system's components set up. You might try to move some of these parts manually and if so, be sure to follow the proper lifting protocols so that you don't hurt yourself.

For instance, if you plan on lifting any of your well system's conduits or piping, make sure you bend your knees when first lifting off the ground. Also, work with a partner if the well components are pretty heavy. 

If you have the ability to set up a water well on your property, make sure you approach drilling in a safe manner the entire time. Then you can feel good about this drilling activity, as well as safeguard yourself from costly incidents that you would otherwise probably regret. 

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