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Types Of Traffic Barricade Equipment You Can Rent

Are you hosting an event that will require traffic barricades? If so, you'll need to decide what type of barricade equipment to use. This type of equipment is used to direct traffic and keep people safe. 

There are many different types of traffic barricades which makes it tough to decide which one fits your needs. This post highlights the three main types of traffic barricade equipment you can rent.

Construction Barricades

These are typically bright orange or yellow and feature reflective stripes. They help to create a physical barrier to designate off-limits areas, such as construction sites and hazardous areas.

Construction barricades are easy to transport, durable, and clearly indicate to pedestrians and drivers that the area is dangerous. They come in various sizes, including X-style, round tube, and channelizer models.

X-style barricades are the most popular for large-scale projects. They can be locked together to create a continuous barricade line. Round tube barricades are lightweight and perfect for smaller projects since they're easy to move and store. Finally, channelizers have a pyramid-like design that provides superior visibility to drivers.

Plastic Chain Barricades

These are great for crowd control in public events and festivals. They're lightweight, easy to maneuver, and come in several length options. Plus, they can be used inside or outside due to their weather resistance.

Plastic chain barricades come in many shapes and sizes, such as post-mounted or wall mounted. Post-mounted barricades are perfect for large-scale events that require an easy way to set up and take down quickly.

Wall-mounted barricades are ideal for more permanent setups, such as museums or theaters. They're usually mounted to the wall with hardware and feature a locking system that prevents people from entering certain areas.

Traffic Barriers

These are heavy-duty barricades that can be used to block off parking lots, driveways, and roads. They're made of steel or aluminum and are designed to resist weather conditions. Traffic barriers are often used for long-term projects and require minimal maintenance.

They're also extremely durable and can be filled with sand or concrete to provide extra stability. In other words, the more weight they pack, the more solid they become. This is important for projects that require long-term traffic control.

Regardless of what type of event you're hosting or how much money you have to spend, there's sure to be the right traffic barricade equipment to meet your needs. Renting traffic these barricades from a reputable company is the best way to ensure you get exactly what you need. 

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