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What Construction Business Owners Should Know About Crane Rentals

Are you in the beginning stages of running your construction company and do not have a lot of equipment yet? Did you receive a job offer that you cannot resist but do not have a crane to complete the work? If buying a crane is not something that you are not yet financially prepared to do, you are in luck because a crane can be rented. You might find that renting a crane is more convenient than buying one during the process of growing your business. Other than renting a crane, it is possible that additional services will be available via a rental company.

Are Crane Rentals Readily Available?

There are a variety of cranes that are available through rental companies. However, whether a specific crane model will be available on the spot can vary. The reason is that there are rental companies that might have more cranes available than other companies. If a rental company has a lot of customers and a limited quantity of a specific type of crane, it might not be immediately available. It is important to plan to rent a crane ahead of the time in which it will be used to ensure that it will be available.

Which Additional Services Might Be Provided?

Depending on the rental company from which a crane is obtained, several additional services might be provided. Keep in mind that if additional services are provided, there might be a fee to pay if you want to take advantage of the services. For example, if need an operator along with a crane rental, it is considered an additional service. Other services that might be available include project management involving crane rental, a site inspection, and an array of other services. The availability of additional services will depend on the chosen rental company.

How Long Can a Crane Be Rented?

Cranes can be rented for a variety of time periods depending on the policy of each rental company. You can rent a crane for a short-term construction project, or for a project that is expected to take months to complete. One thing to be aware of is that there might be a minimum rental period to rent a crane. For example, you might have to rent a crane for at least a few hours or a day. A good way to find out what the specific timeframe for renting a crane will be is to contact a crane rental company and ask questions. 

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